What Your Prospects REALLY Mean When They Say They “Can’t Afford You”

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If you have a great process or program to help a client achieve a specific goal thenthe money will seldom be the REAL reason they don’t move forward with you. The fact is that most people can come up with the money if they are ready to commit.

What REALLY prevents people from working with you is their lack of confidence that they can actually achieve what it is that they want to achieve.  Sometimes people have been burned before or maybe they’ve struggled their entire life trying to achieve this goal without any success.

As the coach or trainer it’s up to you to alleviate this fear and lack of confidence.

Here are a couple things that you can do:

Be honest and let them know that REAL work is involved in achieving their goal. You aren’t offering some “get rich quick” scheme or the promise to safely lose 100 pounds without having to exercise or improve their diet.  The fact of the matter is that a LOT of people have been sold into believing all of this before and there is a good reason that they are unwilling to really invest in achieving their goals.  Unfortunately, a lot of these people continue to invest on the low end with the same results they’ve always gotten…NONE!

Offer to work with them until they achieve their goal…provided that they DO THE WORK! Your clients MUST be responsible for their own actions.  My good friend and colleague, Suzanne Evans, told me once that you are responsible TO your clients, not FOR them.  Provide your services with the utmost integrity and you are doing your part.  The client is responsible for putting what you share into action.  If you truly believe that your clients can achieve great things by working with you then there should be NO fear in offering this type of guarantee.

So the next time a prospect tells you “I can’t afford that” be sure that they know what the price is for NOT doing anything and let them know that they CAN achieve this goal; but they won’t do it by doing what they’ve been doing in the past.

Now, go Charge What You Deserve.


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