Turning your life experience into a product or course

What is your story questionI recently participated as a guest expert in D’vorah Lansky’s amazing 30 Day Book Marketing Challenge.  Wow, did she work her butt off to put this together and I’m so honored that she chose me to participate.

My topic was 5 Steps for Turing Your Book Idea Into an Online Course.

There was amazing feedback and I tried to answer all of the questions that came up with as much detail as possible.  A couple of the questions were so great, and my response so detailed, that I’m able to turn them into new blog posts.  I’m going to share one of those below.

Remember, if ONE person is asking a question that means there are MANY others out there with the same or similar concerns.  You can actually compile responses to FAQs into a new information product.  This is one of the strategies that I shared in my blog post 5 Quick and Easy Info Product Ideas. You can check them out HERE.

Below I’m sharing the question and response that came from D’vorah’s blog about how to take a “life experience” and turn it into a product or course to help others get through a similar experience.


Tom, my book is not fiction but it isn’t a how to book either. My book follows my journal that I wrote during my breast cancer experience and I include it as a letter to the reader. I don’t really have chapters. I break it down by days and events. Do you see this working for me?
I like the concept and I am looking for ways to connect with other women and men in crisis. Your way gives it a personal touch, by hearing your voice. I am wondering if you have any suggestions for me.


Hi Beth,

GREAT question. While I can’t say for certain and don’t want to imply that everybody should have an information product or course, I DO believe that you could help many, many people by sharing your story.

I have a client, Debbie Nichols, who had a daughter being deployed to Iraq for her 3rd time. Debbie created an information product helping families adjust to returning soldiers. She recently started a non-profit that takes her work even further.

What I would recommend is that you chronicle the “phases” that you went through during your experience. What were some activities, etc that helped you along.

Like the “Hero’s Journey” things are moving along fine (phase 1) and BAM, something gets in your way (phase 2). Then you move forward and break through this phase (phase 3). Etc.

Then you can look at what was happening in each phase. Ask questions like:
**What mistakes could have been avoided?
**What kept you “up” while going through this? (E.g: family support, hobbies, nutrition, etc).
**When did you know that you that you moved past this phase?
**How can someone else “break through” that phase?

I hope that helps! I know that you have a story that should be shared and your book will certainly help. A course or audio product just might be an amazing next step that people can take with you.


P.S. Another great example is from my friend Michael Bloom. He has a business built around teaching caregivers to care for themselves. He created the Caregiving Thrival Kit, authored a book and mentors clients, etc.


I’d love to hear what life experience YOU have been through that you would like to help others with.  If you’re game for sharing, please leave a comment below.



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product - June 10, 2015 Reply

When you’re ready to go, shut off the phones and start recording (it’s also a good idea to have a script in front of you). Record your tape in less than 60 minutes. Play it to your friends, make any changes you think might be worthwhile based on their advice. When you’re happy with the final product, create some duplicates (or get someone to do it for you) and then start selling your product on the Internet – It’s that easy!

    Tom Buford - June 10, 2015 Reply

    Love it. Thanks for sharing. Nice, simple formula.

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