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OK…I have to admit that this video runs about 12 minutes, but I was instructing while setting up my new website. I have, however, set up numerous sites in 7 minutes or less 😉

Enjoy and be sure to leave your comments below!


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Joyce - October 21, 2011 Reply

I’m curious… is there any particular reason why you don’t suggest using GoDaddy or HostGator for both domain name registration and hosting?

    Tom - October 23, 2011 Reply

    Hey Joyce

    Godaddy is great for domain registration, but Host Gator has a much better system for hosting, but they charge a few dollars more than Godaddy for the domain names?

    Hope that helps!


Ruthi - October 23, 2011 Reply

Hi Tom,
My first and only product was created as I studied a free download of yours. I am going to follow your instructions to purchase a new domain and create a sales page for my E-book. Your paid for offerings much be amazing.
EFT Tapping is more fun, but with your step by step demonstration the process will go smoothly.

    Tom - October 23, 2011 Reply

    Wow, Ruthi. Thanks so much for the praise and congratulations for taking action with the material! I LOVE to hear that.

Ruthi - November 4, 2011 Reply

I did it!! The sales page is up and running on a site I already owned. I also bought a few domain names on godaddy. Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

I linked to it, if anyone is interested in stress and pain relief.

Ruthi - November 4, 2011 Reply

I watched your video again and have a question. When buying a domain, is there any advantage to buying the privacy option? I have been doing that and now I wonder if that is a waste.


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