Taking your product or course idea from “meh” to YES!

land-Home-BullseyeIf you’re ready to make your own online course or information product then the last thing that you want is to put tons of time and energy into an idea that DOESN’T SELL!

There are three critical concepts to keep in mind when you come up with your product idea:

  1. Offer a specific result…
  2. …to a specific person or group…
  3. …ready, willing and able to invest!

If you get those three concepts down then you increase your odds of success exponentially.  And we dig “exponential” when it means more sales 😉

In this post I’m going to help drill your idea down into an offer that will have people lining up to hand you their money.

This is actually a SUPER simple process, but folks get pretty wigged out (that means “scared” in California talk) when they start narrowing down their topic.  But fear not, my friend, because narrowing your topic down will not only make it 10x sexier (more attractive to your market) it will also make finding your ideal clients a breeze.

Here’s what we’re going to do.  We’ll start with a broad (insert “boring) topic and add a more specific result that targets a specific audience.  I have three examples below so that you can see this in action.

Example #1:

=> How to lose weight (broad and boring…like 99% of the courses and products out there)

==> How to lose 20 pounds (specific result…getting better)

===> How to lose 20 pounds after delivering first baby (Drilled down to the WHO and the WHAT…now we’re talking)

Possible Product Name:  Baby Fat Be Gone

This is far better than a general weight loss product because it delivers a very specific result (20 lbs) to a specific audience (new mothers).

In fact, a new mom who wants to lose weight after delivering her baby will feel like this program was created JUST for her.

Now, because we’ve narrowed it down to a specific target audience, it will be a breeze to find them through your marketing.  And in case you’re thinking that this is getting TOO narrow, according to the Census Bureau (as found on InfoPlease.com) there were over 4.1 million women who have birth in the past 12 months alone.  This is a HUGE market.

Example #2:

=> Social media strategies

==> How to get new clients through social media

===> How to fill your law practice using LinkedIn

Possible Product Name: LinkedIn Legal

This example went from one of the MOST competitive topics around to drilling down to a specific social media platform (LinkedIn) that delivers a specific result (build a full practice) for a specific audience (lawyers).  Do you think that you can find out where attorneys hang out both online and offline so you can position your offers in front of them?  Of course you can.

Example #3:

=> How to be happier

==> How to be happier after a loss

===> How to come out of a divorce as a happier, more positive woman

Possible Product Name: Bliss After Split (haha…I like that one 😉

Again, we’re going from a broad (“meh”) topic to something that will really stand out in a typically crowded marketplace.  But rather than narrowing the end result (we’re still focusing on how to be happy), we put our attention on what the ideal client is moving AWAY from (divorce).  This will help to talk about motivation, etc when approaching this market.  We also dialed in on a specific audience (divorcées).

Now it’s your turn.  I’d love for you to share your new HOT course, product or program idea in the comments section below.



P.S. If you know anyone who might find this useful, be sure to pass it on.

P.P.S. If you’d like some of my 1:1 attention to help put the “sizzle” in your idea then let’s chat for a few.  Go here to learn more.


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Nikki - December 2, 2014 Reply

Great article Tom. Thank you for sharing such valuable insight.

    Tom Buford - December 2, 2014 Reply

    Hey Nikki,

    Thanks for reading. Hope you’ve been doing great!


Silke Volkmann - December 2, 2014 Reply

great, thank you Tom
for these essentials put down in a simple way.

Here my example:

Voice training
– Voice training to enhance your self esteem
– voice training to enhance self esteem and authentic communication
for business leaders

Have a nice week,

    Tom Buford - December 2, 2014 Reply

    Love it. Thanks for sharing!

Elder Langhorne - December 2, 2014 Reply

Pure genius! Thanks Tom

    Tom Buford - December 2, 2014 Reply

    Thanks Elder. Hope you’ve been well. It’s been awhile 😉


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