Recording Audio Products with Free Conference Lines

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Creating information products
via audio is one of the quickest ways possible to get great content out of your head and into the hands of brand new clients waiting to know what you have to share.

But for some of us, the technology can be a bit of a bear. So I want to share a short walk through on how to set up and record your audio product using a free teleconference company.

Below are the 4 steps involved in setting up and recording your audio. I also created a pdf report that will give you a visual so that you can be set up and ready go in no time.

  1. Sign up for free teleconference service. I use and recommend
  2. Login to your new account using the access code you receive via email after signing up.
  3. Use your home phone to dial in and follow the “How to Record a Teleconference” instructions found at the bottom left of your teleconference dashboard.
  4. Download your new MP3 recording to your computer and you’re ready to share. After you’re done recording your content simply hang up, refresh your computer browser and you will see your new recording appear at the top of your dashboard.

That really IS all you have to do to get started recording audio products. While a recording using GarageBand on your Mac or Audacity (free software download) on your PC will produce a slightly better quality recording, you don’t have to worry about any software learning curves by utilizing free teleconference lines.

If you use a good quality headset – and by good quality I mean about $40 for either Plantronics or Logitech brands – attached to your telephone handset you will be very surprised at the excellent quality recording that you can create.

==> Here’s a link to the pdf report that I mentioned earlier.

Be sure to leave any comments below and share with anyone you know who is interested in creating their own business building information products.


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Susie - June 25, 2015 Reply

Great info Tom! I think it would be awesome to record audio while having conference calls online. Thanks for the info!

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