Are you letting your prospects forget about you?

remember, don't forget conceptIf you’re doing anything to build a list of prospects then why spend all of that time and effort just to let them forget about you.

Too often we focus on the earlier steps of a project (or business) and get lazy on the rest. I’ve certainly been guilty of creating products and programs and then fallen short on promoting and making more sales.

The same can be said of building a list (or community) of potential clients and customers. Maybe you created the perfect free offer, you linked up your email list provider and it’s ready to go on your website. You even have people who’ve already signed up.

And you ignore them!

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Then when you’re behind the 8-ball and in need of sales you wonder why nobody responds to your offers.

Of course you need to make offers. In fact, I feel that you should make offers sooner rather than later or you create other problems in your business.

But you can’t simply ignore your community until you need some income.

So here’s a simple 3-part engagement schedule that you can implement that will take your prospect from cold lead to happy client in no time flat.

  • Ask Questions – when you ask somebody what it is that they want something amazing happens; they know that you CARE! Well, I certainly HOPE that you care. Setup a free account at and create a short survey asking people, “What is the ONE thing that you want help with most regarding [your topic]?”If you use an auto responder like Aweber you can simply add this to the follow-up sequence so that you know that everyone who signs up for your amazing free offer will see it. I’d recommend sending this out within a week or so of their signing up.
  • Weekly Tips – I’m back on schedule creating a weekly blog post.  If you’re just getting started creating content, then sharing a very simple tip, resource or even a quote once a week will be enough to stay front-of- mind with your community. If you’re on Facebook or LinkedIn you can also have your content automatically post there as well.
  • Monthly Webinar or Teleseminar – Webinars are amazing. You have the chance to share great information that people want to learn and you can finish up by mentioning a product or program that you have to offer. This is what’s referred to as Education-Based Marketing. You’re teaching and selling at the same time. This is a very powerful combination. My favorite tool for presenting webinars and teleseminars is Instant Teleseminar.

Are you ready to create a simple engagement schedule in your business? If so, I’d love to hear your plans. Share below in the comments area and if you have any questions I’d love to read them and try to help out.


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Karen - November 24, 2015 Reply

Hi Tom,

Some experts say that you shouldn’t put the same info you send to your subscribers on your website and/or Facebook, otherwise what is the incentive to sign-up other than the free download? But to have to come up with something different for subscribers, Facebook, and my site is overwhelming, even re-purposing the same content is TIME consuming!

What do you think?

Thanks for your wonderful products and courses, I’m seriously thinking of getting your Profitable Online Course course, the price is amazing.

    Tom Buford - November 24, 2015 Reply

    Hi Karen,

    Great question. Personally, I DO re-purpose content across platforms. I know that many who open and read my emails aren’t necessarily following me on FB and that those who catch up on FB don’t open all of my emails. I would keep it as simple as possible and try to stay out of overwhelm.


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