How to Use Information Products, Expert Interviews and Affiliate Marketing to “Escape the One on One” and Generate Multiple Streams of Passive Revenue

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Hi there.  I’m Tom Buford and I work with people just like you who are eager to get away from the “Exchange Time for Money” business model and begin helping MORE people, make MORE money and have MORE time to enjoy it. I’ve spent several years and well over $10k learning how to make and market information products quickly and effectively.  It’s certainly paid off, but I want your path to be quicker, more affordable and FUN!

I’ve been a self-employed service professional for over 14 years and counting and I thought that entering the online information marketing business would be a snap.  Well, it wasn’t…not at first.  There is an overwhelming amount of information circulating around the internet which is akin to trying to get a drink of water from a fire hose.  My goal is to create a single site where you can access the training, feedback, support, accountability and resources necessary to get on the fast track to earning a real income with information products.

You won’t see any promises that you’ll make a million bucks your first year without spending more than 5 hours a week.  That’s all B.S. and we both know it. However, once you have the tools and knowledge in hand, making a great living selling knowledge-based products and programs is not tricky.  In fact, the subtle “simplicity” often throws people off.  We tend to try and make things much harder than they need to be.

I want you to download a simple to follow method for creating your own information products called Rapid Info Product Creation.  This is a FREE MP3 & PDF tutorial to help you create a digital information product in 7 days or less!

WARNING: Do NOT try to over-complicate the process of selling information products!

Just fill in the form below to get instant access to the Rapid Info Product Creation.  I’ll be following up with some more tutorials and access to live calls and webinars on exactly how to continue with your information product success.

Time to Take Action!


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auto ru - May 8, 2011 Reply

Nice topic – respect !

Lia Drummond - July 28, 2013 Reply

Hello, Tom!

I hope everything is in perfect order!
Thank you for your time and for your constant kindness
to invest in our growth. You are a good man and
careful and appreciate you so much.
Congratulations on your courage and excellence in their materials.

Today my reality is to learn from you only.
Yet build my list, but I learned a lot from you;
I’m producing my website and need to be gradually and
evaluate because of the fact that I want my message to make a difference.
I think it is something very serious decisions as you have taken to help people.
I need besides the people I know, believe and trust, go learn to do this themselves.
I can not wait to meet him and maybe come to work together?
I’m choosing photos to e-mail and others.

Health and a day connected to the light and happy for you and your family!

**Tom Buford** (tom@chargewhatyoudeserve.c

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