How to Get Clients with E.A.S.E.

Whether you are a coach, consultant, trainer, therapist, healer or any other service based business owner it’s critical to learn how to get clients.  And the sooner you begin enrolling high-end clients the better your business will be doing.  In fact, your high-end (higher paying) clients will tend to be your most productive and results oriented clients.  After all, they have more skin in the game and are far less likely to let the week slip by without accomplishing the goals you’ve set out together.

So how do you begin enrolling any client, yet alone high-paying clients, smoothly and systematically without selling your soul?

I’m going to layout a simple, effective strategy for enrolling clients into your business so keep reading.

I call the following system “How to Get Clients with E.A.S.E.”  Yes, it’s an acronym, but it’s also simple and effective.

  1. E is for Educate. As soon as you begin approaching your market with the intent to educate you will win over a large crowd very quickly.  Rather than taking the “beat ‘em over the head with promotions” you should simply educate your market on your topic of interest.  You can do this with online articles (like the one you’re reading), online videos, blog posts, social media sites, teleseminars, webinars, podcasts, etc.  It really doesn’t matter as long as you are comfortable with the format and willing to do it with regularity.

  3. A is for Application. I know that a lot of marketing trainers are fond of the “free sessions” method of enrolling clients, but I am not a huge fan of this approach.  For starters it seems a bit deceptive to promise a free coaching call just to try and push someone into a coaching program.You will also be attracting a lot of “tire kickers” who really aren’t interested in investing with you in the first place.  This can be very time consuming and extremely frustrating.Instead, I would rather be up front and let people know that I have a program that I am offering.  I will share some general details and emphasize the end-results that they can expect if we work together.  Next I will invite them to fill out an online application to first see if I feel that they will make a good match as a client.  Then we can schedule a call together so that they can ask any questions they would like about the program

  5. S is for Strategize. During the call together I don’t turn it into a sell-a-thon.  I like to do some coaching and mentoring to allow them to see what is truly possible if we work together.  This is a great way to “over-deliver” by providing value that they didn’t anticipate.  You don’t need to spend hours doing this; 15-20 minutes is all it should take.  You’re not trying to give away the farm and if you try to give too much you’ll just overwhelm your potential client and lose the opportunity to work together.

  7. E is for Enroll. This is where the rubber meets the road.  Too many service providers simply end the conversation without asking for the business.  You’re not running a charity so the responsibility is yours to ask for their business.  If you’ve done a great job on the previous 3 steps then this should be smooth and authentic.  No need to hard-sell anyone.

One of the reasons for the application is to pre-qualify your potential clients.  If you’ve done this properly then he or she will likely be ready to work with you before you even have your strategy call.

Remember, clients are the lifeblood of your business.  Without a system on how to get clients when you need them you will likely struggle making ends meet in your business.  If your prospects don’t invest with you they WILL invest with somebody else.  It’s time to get your message out to the world and claim the success that you deserve.

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Stephen Pett - October 13, 2011 Reply

Very useful – will pass on!


    Tom - October 15, 2011 Reply

    Thanks for reading, Stephen.

Julie - October 15, 2011 Reply

It took a while to sink in but I think I am finally starting to get it.

    Tom - October 15, 2011 Reply

    I hope it was helpful, Julie! Cheers, Tom

Amberly - October 20, 2011 Reply

Extremely helpful post! Thanks!

    Tom - October 20, 2011 Reply

    Glad to help! Cheers, Tom

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