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One key to getting your prospects to take action is to sell what they WANT, not what you think they NEED. The kid in the drawing to the left may need a bandage, but he WANTS out of pain…immediately!

You may have the best solution in the world for your clients, but you first have to let them see why they want it.

This morning I was talking with a client who was having some trouble getting people to opt-in for her free report.  The biggest reason I could see is that it was all about the solution (that the prospects may or may not even know that they even need) and not about the pain or discomfort her prospects are in.

A quick way to make a very powerful change is to ask WHY your prospects would want your solution.  This sounds simple, and it is, but often times we skip right to offering the solution.

In other words, if you’re selling a weight loss solution you need to ask yourself what pain or discomfort your prospects are in if they don’t work with the solution.  So, what are YOU trying to sell your clients right now?  Take out a pen and a piece of paper and write down at least 10 ways your ideal clients are in pain or discomfort.

Now circle the 3-5 that jump out as the BIGGEST problems your prospects have.  Include those “Primary Pain Points” on your sales pages, in your enrollment conversations, etc so that they know that what you are offering will help them get out of the pain and discomfort they are in right now.

Go try this right now and share your top 3 in the comments section below.



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Mark Furlong - May 11, 2012 Reply

Great info as always, Tom.
My ideal clients are entrepreneurial-minded ministry leaders.
1. How to build a team to help carry the load.
2. How to reach more people in a world saturated with options.
3. How to keep your spirits up when the going gets tough (and it will).

    Tom - May 11, 2012 Reply

    Hey Mark,

    You ROCK for sharing your top three. But let me challenge you a bit here. What pain are your clients in by NOT having those three items addressed?

    For example, why do they need a team to help carry the load? What specific problems are they dealing with by handling everything on their own right now?

    Keep digging with these and you will get to the CORE of what makes them respond and ask for your help.

    Keep up all of the “awsomeness!”


debbie - May 11, 2012 Reply

Hi Tom,
I work with women who want to (or have to) change their diet for health reasons (like give up gluten or sugar or switch to a plant-based diet) and find it overwhelming.
Here are my top 3:
1). Can’t finds anything to eat
2) Don’t want to appear anti-social or picky because they can’t eat same foods as everyone else.
3) Can’t make a new way of eating stick.

Brenda - May 12, 2012 Reply

Hi Tom,
Here’s a recent lesson I learned about “assuming”.
There’s a gourmet pet food store in my town (pop. less than 350). Every time I’d drive by there were no cars in the parking lot, so my partner and I decided they needed some marketing help. They had a one page website and nothing else. I put together a short presentation about social media and improving their online presence, and paid them a visit.

Guess what? The store is a hobby, the owner “hates” Facebook, and said he is just busy enough to justify getting out of the house for 10 hours a day. (He’s actually retired.) If he had more customers he’d have to hire help, and he doesn’t want to do that either.

Go figure.


Vicki Steine - May 12, 2012 Reply

Hi Tom,
I work with people who want to change their diet for healthy reasons also. They often have other issues as well i.e. chemical dependency, depression, anxiety, etc.
Top 3 pain points:
1. Frustrated with themselves i.e.they’ve tried before and slip back into old habits-no one holds them accountable
2. Clothes don’t fit, feel uncomfortable in their own bodies
3. Feel out of control, particularly with sugar, once they start, they can’t stop

Adrian - May 17, 2012 Reply

Hi Tom,

A simple but inspiring and action-provoking post. I’m so impressed with it, I’m going to write a similar style of post for my readers on my blog right now!

I work with people who want to start investing in stocks and shares but don’t know where to start. So, after doing your exercise, my top 4 are:

1. Don’t know where to start e.g. because of overwhelm, lack of knowledge, etc.
2. Don’t know how to buy shares e.g. need a broker, etc.
3. Don’t know which shares to buy e.g. because there are too many to choose from or can’t work out the good ones from the bad, etc.
4. Scared of losing their money and feeling stupid as a result.


    Tom - May 17, 2012 Reply

    Thanks, Adrian. That’s a great list.


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