Create a Profit Channel

In this video I talk about how you can create your own simple “profit channel” that will bring in a steady flow of leads. This is really important if you want to generate a consistent income in your business. Enjoy!

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Brian Ford - October 10, 2013 Reply

Hey Tom,

Great and quick video! It was very informative and well laid out. Thanks for the tips!

    Tom - October 10, 2013 Reply

    Hey Brian,

    Thanks for watching. Glad you enjoyed it. Let me know when you have your profit channel written out. I’d like to hear what you’re up to.


Nancy Marmolejo - October 10, 2013 Reply

Great tips Tom! I love the look of the video (clean background=NICE!) plus the way you laid out the tips.

Traffic, Training, Offer… those words are running through my head.

Thanks for sharing your genius with us!

    Tom - October 10, 2013 Reply

    Thanks, Nancy! I’ve been following your lead 😉

Dr Terry - October 10, 2013 Reply

Great video and content. I’m still working on
a project that I can pay you to help me with!
Dr Terry

    Tom - October 10, 2013 Reply

    Bring it! Thanks for watching, Terry.

Nelda Choate - October 13, 2013 Reply

Love your work, Tom. This a terrific way to simply explain the way even those who hate “sales” can authentically bring in revenue.

Cara - October 16, 2013 Reply

Hey, Tom,
What about the Three T’s: Traffic, Training, Together (as in working together)?
Thanks for the fun video – I loved the simplicity and clarity in your message.

Cara (from Chico)

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