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81 Guess Alex’s Birthday

Well, the day is nearing.  Sometime during the month of June, all going as planned, I will be the proud father of a baby boy.  As of this date, Carla and I are set on naming him Alexander.  We love the name, but I will admit that we’ve been a bit fickle of late…lol. Carla’s […]

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2 How to Use Information Products, Expert Interviews and Affiliate Marketing to “Escape the One on One” and Generate Multiple Streams of Passive Revenue

Hi there.  I’m Tom Buford and I work with people just like you who are eager to get away from the “Exchange Time for Money” business model and begin helping MORE people, make MORE money and have MORE time to enjoy it. I’ve spent several years and well over $10k learning how to make and […]

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11 Pump Up the Value: 3 Ways to Add “Oomph” to Your Products

When selling your products and programs it’s essential to let the prospective clients know that the value they are going to receive will exceed the investment.  This is true regardless of what you’re selling.  The bottom line is that nobody wants to invest in something only to be disappointed with the result. Here are three […]

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