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We’re updating our Privacy Policy on May 25, 2018. Our new policy and current policy are both below. This is our updated Privacy Policy going into effect on May 25, 2018. Your privacy is critically important to us. At, we have adapted the privacy policy from WordPress that follow a few fundamental principles: We are thoughtful […]

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2 6 Steps to Automate Your Marketing

Whether you’re selling courses, training programs or coaching and consulting, it’s valuable to find areas of your marketing that can be automated. Unless you absolutely love your marketing activities, you will find that they tend to fall through the cracks. But if you create an automated marketing system you can focus your time and attention […]

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2 How to turn course students into high paying clients.

How would you like an elegant process for attracting new clients into your business without wasting time trying to sell via free “consultations” (that your prospects know are really just veiled sales calls)? I’ve been doing something for almost two years that I like to call the “course-to-client” process and it’s been working like magic. […]

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4 Product Creation Planner

Product Creation Planner Whether you’re preparing to create your first product or your fifteenth, when you stop to consider all the decisions that have to be made and all the elements that go into a good product, you can easily get overwhelmed. Not only do you have to know what your product is about, but […]

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How to Choose your Course Topic

Are you eager to turn your knowledge into a profitable online course?  If you’re like a lot of my clients then the answer is a firm “YES” but you might be a bit confused about how to select a TOPIC for your course.  After all, the last thing that you want is to spend time, […]

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Selecting your course format

Creating an online course can be tricky enough without having to decide on the format.  Should you create video, audio or both?  Should you stick with an e-book and write your course out? At the end of the day I don’t believe that picking the “correct format” is going to have much of an impact […]

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