5 Steps to Building a Community by Interviewing Other People

One of the best strategies that you can use to build a community of people who know, like and trust you is to create an expert interview series. The idea is to share incredible information absolutely free and in doing so gain the trust of your new community. But how exactly to you BUILD that community? Well, here are the 5 basic steps to building your community, credibility and content with a simple interview series.

  1. Select a HOT Topic and Title for your Interview Series. Not only do you want to get people excited to sign up for the series, but you have got to get your guests excited to participate.  There’s no great secret to finding experts who are willing to participate in an interview series and even help you build your list by sharing with their community, but if it’s a boring topic that’s been done a million times you’ll have a hard time getting them to pull away from their busy schedule to participate.  But dangle an enticing topic in front of them and people will jump at the chance.
  2. Create a list of experts you would like to interview. Be sure to ask people you know and get introductions to those you don’t.   I call this the 6-Degrees of Separation method for getting almost anyone to agree to work with you.  A formal introduction can go a long way and you will be amazed at how closely you are probably already connected to some incredible guest experts.
  3. Schedule and Record your Interviews. You can use tools like www.TimeDriver.com to schedule calls online with little effort.  For recording your calls you can use a free resource like www.FreeConferenceCall.com.  I prefer Instant Teleseminar but if you want to save some money, there are great free conference lines that will do the trick.  Just be sure to check the call and recording quality before getting “hitched” to a conference line company.
  4. Create a simple playback page to share the recorded interviews. You can set up a free playback or download page using a WordPress blog. Once your calls are recorded you can have a playback page created in a matter of minutes even if you hate the “techie” stuff.  Even if you don’t want to handle this step yourself, any virtual assistant should be able to do this in a snap.
  5. Create a Registration Page and get your Guests to Promote the Series. This is the fun part.  Once your download page is complete simply create a registration or opt-in page that people can fill in to receive access to the recordings.  You can also use a WordPress blog for this, but you will also need an email marketing account with Aweber, Constant Contact or any other reputable company.  This way when your guest experts tell their community about the interview series they will lead people to your registration page so that you can begin rapidly building your own community of people who know, like and trust you!  Be sure to set a deadline for receiving the free recordings or you will be presenting the series as a commodity.  You want folks to be eager to sign up.  Even though it’s free, that doesn’t mean people will rush to pick it up if they think it will always be available.

If you want to access an incredible step-by-step program for creating your very own, highly profitable interview series then be sure to check out my Interview Wealth Home Study System.

Be sure to leave any comments below and let me know how I can help you create your own Expert Interview Series.


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Janet Beatrice - August 11, 2011 Reply

This is a great idea, thank you! My biggest concern is the playback part. Do you create an MP3 out of the Free Conf Call recording? If you hire somebody to do this, how much does it cost?


    Tom - August 11, 2011 Reply

    Thanks Janet and Marcy!

    Janet, you should be able to get a great quality recording using Free Conf Call.com and then you would download the recording to your computer and upload somewhere for hosting and sharing. I recommend simply uploading the recording to a WordPress blog and then you can easily set up your playback page there.

    Hope that helps. Remember, I go into every single detail in the Interview Series Formula so you don’t worry about making any mistakes or trying to figure any of this out on your own.


Marcy Jenkins - August 11, 2011 Reply

Thanks, Tom, for your succinct summary of how to put together, and market, a compelling interview series. I’ve been getting ready to do an interview series, and this is a perfect “crib sheet” to use to make sure I cover all the bases. It sounds like it would be easy to also put together a short tip sheets series or other follow up email/newsletter/blog posts to reinforce the interviews’ messages and give listeners something “tangible” and easy to refer to later. I like the collaborative approach you recommend.

Kristen Mattison - August 11, 2011 Reply

This blog post came at the perfect time! I was just talking to my business partner about doing an interview series to help promote our business and gain credibility in the field. These are great tips! Thank you!

Toni - August 11, 2011 Reply

Thanks Tom! This is good, actionable info that’s getting my wheels spinning!

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