3 Quick Tips to Charge What You Deserve

I realize that one of the most important parts of your business is attracting quality, ready clients who are willing (and expect) to pay you what you’re worth.

Here are three quick tips to help you attract more clients and charge what you deserve and get it.

#1: Define your niche and increase your visibility

It’s very important to take a stand and pick a niche that you want to play in.  Once you do this it is very easy to be seen as a “go-to” person in your marketplace.  Sending out regular press releases, submitting articles to ezinearticles.com, and holding teleseminars with business owners who already serve your ideal market are just a few simple ways to increase your visibility and expert status.

#2: Outline the value that your programs offer

You need to define programs in a way that makes people want to BUY from you, not THINK about buying from you. Focus on the value that you have to offer your clients and where they will be if they do NOT hire you. The “when” and the “how much” should come later.  Let these be minor details to cover after your prospect has already decided to begin working with you.

#3: Stop trading time for money

You HAVE to shift out of the “time for money” business model and start focusing on a “value for investment” model if you ever want to charge what you deserve and get the best results for your clients.  As long as you are stuck in the time for money mentality you will never be able to fully express or share the true value you have to offer your clients.  This is an  unnecessary shame.

Tip: Stop naming your coaching programs with a time and dollar amount.

No more “60-Minute session for $125″ and “90-Minute session for $175″!

This causes potential clients to instantly compare your valuable service to other, totally unrelated services they’ve bought or considered in the past.

To learn how to price your programs for maximum profits and create compelling, near impossible to resist offers, check out my popular Charge What You Deserve Home Study System.


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