3 Free Ways to Get Quality Traffic to your Business

Getting traffic to your website is the lifeblood to your business if you want to make money online.  There are so many ways of doing this that it can be pretty overwhelming.  I want to share 3 ways that I’ve used to get quality traffic to my website.  By quality, I mean having people visit my website who are actually interested in being there.  You can buy, swap and trade traffic all day long, but that does NOT mean that it is quality traffic.

1. Write Content-Rich Articles

The entire internet is driven by information.  This is what makes article marketing such a powerful tool to generate traffic for your online business.  Even if you own a brick and mortar company, you can still leverage the internet to generate a ton of business and stand out from the crowd.

Write short (350-500 words) content-rich articles and submit them to EzineArticles.com.  Search engines love EzineArticles.com because they actually have human beings who check articles to ensure they are unique and relevant.  You can simply add a link to your website and a reason for visiting in the resource box that’s found at the end of each article.

2. Social Media

I know this isn’t the first time that you’ve heard this, but social media is an incredible way to get traffic to your website and/or business in record time.  Submitting articles is very effective, but it takes a bit of time and consistency before you see measured results.  With social media, you can set up Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts in a few minutes, start connecting with like-minded people and get traffic to your website in a jiffy.

As with article marketing, be sure to give people a reason to visit your site, such as a free report, list of valuable resources, coupon for a one-time-only discount, etc.  Here in the internet marketing ranks we call this an “irresistible offer” or an “ethical bribe”.  Whatever you call it, it’s effective.

3. Video Marketing

Don’t worry…you don’t have to be Lawrence Olivier to create effective videos that will begin driving tons of traffic to your site.  In fact, in some markets being too “polished” might even work against you.  The idea is to create a quick tip that you can record with a video camera (your digital camera is probably sufficient) or screen-capture and share it on Youtube.  Once again, be sure to remind viewers to head over to your website for your juicy, irresistible offer.

All three of these tips are free and will work.  However, you must be consistent.  Here’s a quick formula for being consistent without spending countless hours doing the above.

Step #1: Write a short, informative article at least 2 times per week.  Once you get the hang of it you shouldn’t spend more than about 20-30 minutes per article.

Step #2: Create a quick video tutorial using the content from your article and submit it to Youtube.

Step #3: Share a link to your Youtube video on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

That’s it.

I hope this helps you get quality traffic to your website!

I’d love to read your comments, so be sure to share your thoughts below.

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Val - April 4, 2011 Reply

Hi Tom,
I like the idea of taking the article and turning it into a video. Thanks for all your interesting and helpful articles. Val

    Tom - April 4, 2011 Reply

    Hi Val

    I’m glad that was helpful. Thanks a bunch for checking out the new blog this afternoon 😉


Tracey - June 22, 2011 Reply

Tom, thanks so much for the great tips. I’d love to get some more traffic to my site and the videos are a great idea. thanks!

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