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1 3 Components to Creating High End Info Products

One big misconception when thinking about creating higher end information products is that one needs to create MORE content to justify the higher investment. This is actually not at all the case. In just about any market that I can think of, what people really want is more of an experiential program when investing more. […]

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4 How to name your new info product or program

    Creating information products and training programs is one of the most effective ways to serve more people, earn more money and have a better lifestyle as a coach, consultant or trainer.  Naming your product or program is important, but it shouldn’t get in the way of getting your message out there.  Here are […]

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81 Guess Alex’s Birthday

Well, the day is nearing.  Sometime during the month of June, all going as planned, I will be the proud father of a baby boy.  As of this date, Carla and I are set on naming him Alexander.  We love the name, but I will admit that we’ve been a bit fickle of late…lol. Carla’s […]

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